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Sorry, Jessica - I went AWOL for a while, there.

Congratulations to your husband! That's awesome that you get to spend more time with the kiddies now. That means you'll have a little bit more time to dedicate to getting yourself in shape, too!

I've been perusing new clothes, too. Only now I'm looking in the maternity section. Yeah, I found out we're going to have another baby, so that's really exciting. Poor timing, perhaps, but that's life. Actually, we'd stopped trying about six weeks ago so we could both go right through to the end with P90X, so now I'm doing a bit of research and finding out what I can continue with and what I should substitute with something else. But I'm okay with the inevitable weight gain, because everything but my belly has shrunk quite nicely (now that makes sense), so I just need to keep the muscle tone.

What P90X exercises have you found and are you doing? Are you liking it? Seeing results?
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