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Originally Posted by chrystaljones28 View Post
Hello, I am new to Fitday and would love some feedback on how others handle the negative comments they receive from others garding your weigt loss. My history: I moved 10 years ago to the town my family is from and currently live and started a desk job. When I moved I instantly started gaining weight. I gained 60 pounds total. Finally after trying several types of diets, I joined Weightwatchers and learned how to eat a balanced adn healthy way, joined a core training class, and started walking 30 minutes a day on off days. It took me a total of 7 months to lose the 60 pounds and have maintained my weight loss for a year now. Thats my history. Now that I have met my goal weight (and maintained it for a while) I have been asked why I still track my food and why I still attend meetings (even from fellow WW members). My leader has told me that I am too thin, even though I am completely within the suggested BMI for my weight and height (5'3 & 113 pnds). She even said my weight was scary. I am a very small boned person and I know that I am healthy, I feel great and my cholestarol (sp?) and blood pressure are great. I feel like I am constantly defending myself. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Yeah just ignore them they are envious of you and see that your the type of person who when you start something you see it to the end and are very consensus about your life and your health.
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