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Wink How can I better handle negative comments about my weight loss?

Hello, I am new to Fitday and would love some feedback on how others handle the negative comments they receive from others garding your weigt loss. My history: I moved 10 years ago to the town my family is from and currently live and started a desk job. When I moved I instantly started gaining weight. I gained 60 pounds total. Finally after trying several types of diets, I joined Weightwatchers and learned how to eat a balanced adn healthy way, joined a core training class, and started walking 30 minutes a day on off days. It took me a total of 7 months to lose the 60 pounds and have maintained my weight loss for a year now. Thats my history. Now that I have met my goal weight (and maintained it for a while) I have been asked why I still track my food and why I still attend meetings (even from fellow WW members). My leader has told me that I am too thin, even though I am completely within the suggested BMI for my weight and height (5'3 & 113 pnds). She even said my weight was scary. I am a very small boned person and I know that I am healthy, I feel great and my cholestarol (sp?) and blood pressure are great. I feel like I am constantly defending myself. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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