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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
Ramona, please contact me any time--I'm happy to help, if I can.

I can't promise my plan will work for everyone, but it's worked pretty well for me. I have tweaked it since I started--I used to be more carb-heavy. I also started out with one "day off" per week. Things kind of slowed down, so I made the changes and I've had pretty consistant weekly losses since.

As to the day off, I still find myself not going totally crazy--no eat-till-you-burst binges, no all meat calzones, no eating a dozen Dunkin' Donuts at one sitting (yup, done it in the past) and so forth. Even "up to camp", I strive to not exceed by daily burn. If I do go over a bit, it is with "real" food and as long as it's not a habit that seems to be fine.

Anyway, I think if you come up with a plan you can live with and work it with FitDay's help that you WILL succeed.

Good Morning Michael,
Well it's official, I started my very own plan today. I've put my food in and have even written in my fitday journal. I'll keep you posted as to how this goes. I CAN do this.
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