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Originally Posted by grannyluvs4 View Post
Hi Michael,
Thanks Michael for the info. I know what you mean about the 10, 20, and 50, lbs here and there. I lost 70lbs about 3 years ago but I found it again plus a few of it's friends. I will be 55 this year and I know I've got to do something so I'm trying this. I have done the calorie counting thing before but never the carbs/protein/fat so I'm going to try that. I like the idea of taking 1 day a month off, think I'll try it too. I don't drink beer but if I did I'd join you. lol It's kind of hard to do this weight loss thing on your own sometimes, my family is supportive but sometimes they just don't understand. You may be getting messages from me from time to time, you've been where I am now. Thanks for your help.
Ramona, please contact me any time--I'm happy to help, if I can.

I can't promise my plan will work for everyone, but it's worked pretty well for me. I have tweaked it since I started--I used to be more carb-heavy. I also started out with one "day off" per week. Things kind of slowed down, so I made the changes and I've had pretty consistant weekly losses since.

As to the day off, I still find myself not going totally crazy--no eat-till-you-burst binges, no all meat calzones, no eating a dozen Dunkin' Donuts at one sitting (yup, done it in the past) and so forth. Even "up to camp", I strive to not exceed by daily burn. If I do go over a bit, it is with "real" food and as long as it's not a habit that seems to be fine.

Anyway, I think if you come up with a plan you can live with and work it with FitDay's help that you WILL succeed.

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The best exercises for weight loss are Fork Putdowns and Table Pushaways.

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