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I used to go the gym at night (Anytime Fitness) to miss the crowds, but my sleep quality was suffering so I now go before work.
The early am workout seems to jump start my metabolism and I've been keeping the weight off except for the daily fluctuations- no biggie tho.
Early am workouts start at 5:30 and I'll usually stay till 7am.

I'll hit the weights after stretching and depending what day it is, I'll be working my upper body, lower or core.
I can usually get in 30-50 mins of weight training.

I'll then get on the tred mill for 30-45mins.
I'll warm up with some incline and then I'll get into a jogging/ run for 15-25 mins.
I used to use the elliptical, but I've gained some leg and knee strength and I can now run at a steady pace without feeling like I'm gonna die

I'm really trying to build up my running endurance so I can start entering fun runs and eventually work my way to marathons. There's also a yearly Iron Man race in my area and I would like to compete in that also.
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