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Originally Posted by sockmonkeymassive View Post
Carb uo next Friday and Saturday whch will make it 14/15 days So I messd up just a wee bit. That means an extra 2/3 days on low carb before having a hij carb 24/48 hours. Oh well I'm sure it will be fine.

The silly thing How do I count days? Is it the day you start is day one or do you count 24 hours as day one. OMG am I mising some brain cells or what. Can anyone enlighten me. Was Monday 4th of April counted as the first day or would Tuesday be?

Anyway, everything is going well so far. Lie in tomorrow yay! I normally get up at 5.55 to workout beofre the little dynamo wakes up and takes over my whole brain capacity.

I wish everyone a good weekend and discipline with their food quest. x
if you are doing the diet for the 5 week days then Monday would be day 1, Tuesday would be 2, etc. Sat & Sun would be days 6 & 7.
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