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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
Tommy, welcome!

That's a great amount of exercise--good for you!

I think that part of the problem may be that calorie burn calculators are, at best, a somewhat informed guess. And, how accurate are you being in your calorie intake? Intake and/or burn off to some extent can be the difference between losing and maintaining (or even worse, gaining).

From what I've learned, muscle weight comes on really slowly, though you could be retaining fluid due to your exercise.

I might consider cutting the cals back just a bit, and/or perhaps adding a little more protein (though I, too, like the 40/30/30 mix pretty well).

I'm fairly new here and I just read this and your weight loss so far. I was amazed, how are you doing it? I've been on and off diets life most and I am ready to try again. Any pointers or hints would be wonderful. Once again you are doing awesome.
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