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Thanks Michael for the welcome, and the response.

I'm enjoying the 2000-2200 calorie diet... I'm satisfied, and always full of energy. I really can't sit still... I love being active. Lol...

So if I cut the calories back a little bit, what would be a good starting point? Cut 250? 500? If I go down to a 1500 calorie diet, would I feel less energetic or even feel lethargic? What about hunger? Would I feel hungry more often? I don't like feeling hungry as it usually causes me to stray from any meal plan that I've set out for myself.

As far as keeping track, I was using an application on my Blackberry to track what I ate and calories, before switching over to FitDay. But I'm very good at tracking everything... even a light beer every once in a while gets tracked. I've found that when I track things as I eat, I make better decisions because I know where I stand in my daily allowance at all times. It's almost like a game to me, and I actually find it mildly entertaining.

One last thing. I noticed your weight loss stats in your signature, and wow! That's really great!

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