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Talking Super excited for 2 reasons...

Hi guys.

Reasons to be excited:

1) I had two replies to my post; yay! I wanted a dancing banana smile but you didn't have one so this will have to suffice. Thank you

2) I had my first weigh in today. I know most of it will be water the first week or two but it does wonders for motivation and I have started to pant yank and they have started slipping. I do not want to expose my derrier quite yet. May flash it when it's fit just for the sake of it. And to see what it looks like from a third person perspective.

01/04/2011 when I started 83.2kg
08/04/2011 this morning 80.0kg

I'm super excited. Now I'm in the groove I'm finding it very easy to stick to. I have a carb up weekend next weekend. It will be 13 days instead of 12 as I don't want to carb up on a Thursday as I want to have my non excercise days at the weekend. Also I'm going to a friends for an evening meal the Friday after so I want to time it so my first carb up day is on the same day, not too tough to tweak.

And the sun is shining. What more can I ask for

Roll on next week.

Health and happiness

Happiness is... A fit body and a handmade sockmonkey

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