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Exclamation Attn Admins - Technical Trouble with Site - Very Slow

The last few days it seems like the site has been getting progressively slower. Most of the day today it has been unusable, I've tried to enter food several times but it just times out waiting for a response. It seems like read operations are fine, the pages come up fine. It's database writes that seem to be an issue (saving changes to food journal, deleting an entry, etc.)

This also extends to the forums, I tried to post this earlier today and the site timed out before the post could be written. Hoping it goes through now...

Is this a known issue that's being worked on or is it a problem on my end? Or is it business as usual around here I really like the site and am considering a paid membership to get rid of the ads, but at this point it's basically unusable for me.
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