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Originally Posted by jjeand View Post
Not sure what was up with Mike. Everyone I guess, even moderators, have their pissy moments. Feel free to give him crap for the comment, but keep in mind he's just as human as the rest of us. And we all have plenty to learn not only about our own battles with food but with other people's as well. I think he really thought you were being sarcastic as many of us are as we deal with things we'd rather not have to. btw - our moderators are not paid employees, just other users who volunteer their time to keep our site clear of spam and such. They are also usually good sources for encouragement and info - and know their way around the site and all its ins and outs.
thanks JJ. Life has been taking some pretty rough turns lately. I have been pissy, but that's not his problem to deal with. I shouldn't have made those comments, I was wrong. I guess I should have read over it and actually thought before hitting the submit button.
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