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Originally Posted by dfort215 View Post
The diet is from my doctor, according to him I need to be hungry until I get this under control. Yes I have to avoid the mall, yes I have trouble not pulling into a drive thru on the way home--lots of trouble. 01gt4.6 for a super moderator you are not very sensitive to food addictions. Do you make fun of all fat people or just me? I will have to purchase the upgrade to avoid the ads.
no, actually I had no what your build is, so I wouldn't say that I was making fun of you for being fat. I use to make fun of myself when I was fat, hell I still feel fat.
As far as food addictions, we all have our own issues. I just thought that it seemed kind of petty to complain about an advertisement on here when there is so much more in the "real world", but I didn't know what you are going through. I'm sorry if I offended you. I try to be supportive to everyone and I shouldn't have directed that comment towards you.
There are ways (software) to avoid ads from any site, but as Michael said you also have an option to upgrade.
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