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I'm going to second the "protein and water" advice. All that working out is bound to break down your muscles, but if you don't feed them they don't have the opportunity to build and as we all know the more lean muscle you carry, the more efficient you are at burning fat. For a week you might try going grain-free and boosting your protein to 35-40%.

Also if you are doing the same workouts day in and day out, that might need some change as well. I would recommend that you cut to one solid full body workout daily (5-6 days/week), but go for 60 minutes. This means you need to bring on a good full body sweat and you need to be feeling some pain (a tiny bit) the next day. If you aren't doing both of those things, it's not enough to gain any ground. You might try Bob Harper's Cardio Rev Up.

On the water the recommendation I always give out is 64 oz baseline and an additional 8oz for every additional 10 lbs you want to lose.
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