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I meet my RDAs every day (except for B-12 and vitamin D). (I don't count sodium or cholesterol.) I live in the north, so I don't get Vitamin D naturally from the sun. Therefore, I supplement on days I don’t consume enough Vitamin D from natural sources (fatty fish) in my diet. I also don't eat too much B-12 in my diet so I supplement for that. (On days when I increase my calorie needs, I consume slightly more foods with B-12.)

My diet averages 1200 - 1400 calories per day - all from whole natural foods (and no mixes, no dried powered stuff, no enriched foods, you know what I mean). Most days I get to nearly 100% on all (except B-12, D, Sodium and chol), at about 800 calories, at that point its definetly possible to chose to add those B-12 and D sources. Typical day, when I haven’t eaten natural sources of B-12 nor Vitamin D. Below reflects no supplements…

Nutrient, daily intake (unit), RDA, % obtained
Vitamin A, 4,141.4 (mcg), 700.0, 592%
Vitamin A, 82,710.9 (IU), none, NA
Vitamin B6, 3.9 (mg), 1.3, 298%
Vitamin B12, 0.0 (mcg), 2.4, 0%
Vitamin C, 1,733.1 (mg), 75.0, 311%
Vitamin D, 0.0, 5.0, 0%
Vitamin E, 19.0 (mg), 15.0, 127%
Vitamin E, 28.4 (IU), none, NA
Calcium, 1,238.4 (mg), 1,000.0, 124%
Cholesterol, 0.0 (mg), none, NA
Copper, 3.4 (mg), 0.9, 378%
Iron, 39.9 (mg), 18.0, 221%
Magnesium, 1,124.1 (mg), 320.0, 351%
Manganese, 13.2 (mg), 1.8, 736%
Niacin, 19.9 (mg), 14.0, 142%
Pant. Acid, 9.3 (mg), 5.0, 185%
Phosphorus, 1,936.4 (mg), 700.0, 277%
Potassium, 9,189.3 (mg), 4,700.0, 196%
Riboflav, 2.6 (mg), 1.1, 239%
Selenium, 395.3 (mcg), 55.0, 719%
Sodium, 664.0 (mg), 1,500.0, 44%
Thiamin, 2.1 (mg), 1.1, 187%
Water, 2,993.5 (g), none, NA
Zinc, 13.7 (mg), 8.0, 172%

I have to shop for fresh produce twice a week. I bag all my breakfast and lunch, and cook most of my dinners at home. It costs more in time and effort, so I don’t know if you would find it “Ideal”. If you’re interested, though, provide me with your email and I’ll send you my food journal.

Essentially, I base food choices on the ANDI score!

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