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Thanks, RBS and Michael! Yeah, you should have seen me last winter in a snowbank. Fluffy, deep snow is about the WORST for an overweight critter! Not only do you flounder around, but there's absolutely nothing to push on to get yourself up again. When it gets like that, I just laugh, lie back, catch my breath, and work out a strategy. I knew y'all would understand why just being able to stand up unassisted is a triumph.

Today I did my usual 2.5 miles on the treadmill and jacked up the incline to 6% for the last quarter mile. I think I'll continue to do this. It stretches out my hamstrings once they're all warmed up and makes my legs feel great.

Pixie, aren't cheekbones the bomb? And congrats on the loss! Keep on keepin' on! Sometimes it's not so important how much you weigh, but how many inches you've taken off. When I get discouraged about weight, I do a quick measurement check and usually discover that I'm losing inches.

Michael, you're just an inspiration to me, and I pay attention to your posts and your progress.
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