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Question Ideal Menu for Recommended Daily Allowances?

Apologies if this question has been addressed before:

It seems nearly impossible for my daily intake to ever reach an ideal balance of RDA percentages. About half a dozen of of them are usually around/or above 100% (like Vitamin C). But I really don't eat such an incredibly diverse array of foods to hit the mark on all of them throughout the week...Does anybody? And wouldn't that seriously increase calorie intake?

I want to eat more fat/protein than carbs but even with eating plenty of different vegetables, some whole grains, and fish, I see huge deficits. I do take a multi-vitamin but don't put any faith in it, based on what I've read.

My question is, has anyone come across an ideal nutritional menu to help us meet those RDA standards? I know we all have different approaches to weight loss, but I'm actually curious about the nutritional aspect of foods... Any nutritionists out there?

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