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I do not know your age but I am just past 60. Several years ago, I started to notice my hair was thinner, although there didn't seem to be hair coming out in my hairbrush, nothing so noticeable as that.

I also noticed that the hair on my body became thinner and finer (I'm a woman). I spoke to both my family doctor and my dermatologist. Both said the same thing: it is hereditary and it comes with aging. Oh, crap.

No vitamins in this case would help me. I watch carbs but I also watch protein and fat, using fitday. I'm a middle of the road low-carb, lower-calorie, and also lower-fat dieter. That works, by the way, just fine, for me.

Both doctors said 'Don't waste your money on supplements, they're not going to do anything for this...' but the dermatologist did say that rogaine, which can be bought over the counter, is effective for many of his patients. He tells the women to just buy the rogaine formulated for men. It's fine, it takes about a year, he said, but the hair comes in fuller.

I have not done this because, honestly, it doesn't bother me that much. But it's a solution if it does bother you! Ask your doctor for verification of this simple step - it is applied to the scalp, not ingested!

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