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I started out at 265 at the beginning of August last year and have been fairly consistent logging what I eat. I'm now down to 219, almost out of the obese category for someone with a height of 5'11". I gave myself a break between Christmas and New Year's and indulged a little, expecting to perhaps gain a pound or two, but actually still lost a pound since my lost weigh-in two week earlier. That encourages me that some of my eating habits are sticking, even without daily monitoring.

I like the food tracking because I can stay aware of my intake and know when I can let myself indulge. Also after five months of usage, I am much better at estimating what are proper serving amounts for things that I used to take too much of, such as potatoes, pasta, and rice.

I just wish it was easier to calculate calories/nutrition for complex recipes. Oh well, as long as I'm losing weight, I'm not going to complain
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