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Hello! I am 150 (5'2") and my goal is to be a sexy 115 by my anniversary 5-25-10. I am going to make my husband take me bikinni shopping as a reward.

I am working out at least 2x a week (boot camp at the YMCA) and trying to add in a pilates class or a step class in addition. Also one time a week yoga.

I am trying to keep my daily calories between 1500 (yeah right! LOL) and 1900. And I hate diet food so I only eat stuff I actually like.

I am also allowing myself one sweet a day, usually at the end of theday in the form of cheesecake or something that is high fat. (I am loosely following the Suzanne somers "sugar is bad, fat is my friend" philosophy.)

Also trying a tip I heard on Oprah a few years ago - get ok with feeling a little hungry. I am eating all.the.time. and I never feel hungry so I am trying to sit with "hunger" a little longer than I used to. (Not to the point of starving, but you know?)

I am horrified of yo-yo dieting (This is my first diet - prior to having kids I was "skinnyfat" I treated my food and my body really poorly but stayed skinny and totally unhealthy) So I am taking it really really slow and easy on myself.

fitday says Its like 1.8 lbs a week and I don't think that should be a problem!!


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