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Shibaluvr - slowburning is a way of lifting weights - you do each rep very very slow (30sec to 1 min to do one rep) at a weight in which you can only do about 6 or 7 reps. I do not know if it works, but i read it helps people who cannot exercise due to too much weight and injuries like I have. Good idea on eating at my ideal weight maintenance calorie level. I will try that! Thanks.

Lastri - Atkins curbs hunger because fats keep you satified longer than carbs, I think. Even though it is not a calorie counting, amount of calories in this diet matter, just like in any other diets. However, ketones produced on an atkins diet are supposed to suppress your appetite, thus you eat less calories anyway.

In my experience, I am in full ketosis and still I am eating 2500 calories! So much for hunger suppression.

Thanks both for replying.
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