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I have read every single comment here. I have also read the research. I do not think this is a fad. I won't be doing this diet, but I have a friend who is interested in it and I am encouraging her.

Safety in diets. We all talk about this. We worry about which ones are safe and which ones aren't. Weightloss surgery works for many, and for some it has caused problems. The overall safety is ok, and the severe reduction of calories in this type of weightloss is severe as well. Those who are much healthier as a result of this are grateful and happy. Those who are not, aren't. Losing weight with liquid fasting under doctor's care brings quick results and it is still out there and people are doing it knowing at the end they will have to contend with keeping weight off once food is reintroduced. Some are ecstatic. Some regain. The truth is, dieting is uncomfortable because we've gotten ourselves in trouble with food in this country. Fast food, restaurants, frozen dinners, quick and easy, high fat, calorie dense, nutritionally void, it's what's done us in. Let's drop trans fat into this list as well.

So congratulations to all for whom this is working. Hang in there, and if you can't try something else. There is more than one way to lose weight out here. HOWEVER, without a doubt there was one way we all became fat and need to find our way back to health and a healthy eating lifestyle.

Staying fat is death. That's true for every single one of us.
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