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This reminds me of geometry story problems. It is kind of funny. I see people in the gym on Monday morning furiously working out because of their sins from the weekend.

I certainly can see eating six thousand calories, when you consider one cupcake has seven hundred calories. It's all about the wrong foods that are calorie, carb and fat dense.

The foods that make us fat will not make us thin. I truly believe this. I personally cannot do a six thousand calorie day once a month. It would make me sick now, and it's no longer the food my body wants and needs.

Think about the health of this, not just whether a binge will show up and hurt weightloss or not. High blood sugar, high blood pressure, plaque in our arteries, high cholesterol are issues that come with obesity. Eating this isn't changing our habits, and I don't think we need to figure out how to beat the odds about whether it will make us gain or not.

I'm a compulsive overeater and I know many here are as well. Binging got us where we are, and that's what we're talking about. A binge. Is it ok? No.
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