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I'm a lot older than you but started out heavier (and shorter). So I might have some advice. For breakfast I have some go to meals that are easy and fast, a tuna melt on 35 cal toast, protein shake with yogurt and frozen fruit, a sandwich on low cal bread with turkey and low-fat cheese, 1/2 cup ff cottage cheese on 35 cal toast, Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries and a packet of Splenda, egg white omelet with a veg and cheese. I don't really do heavy carbs for breakfast (like oatmeal or cereal) because that causes me to have a carb crash later in the day and eat like a fiend.

Lunch is usually a sandwich and/or soup or a salad, plus a piece of fruit. If you like lettuce (which I don't really enjoy at all) then salad for lunch would be a good option for you. I don't really have much advice on exactly how to make vegetables taste better, I like them all. But you might try cooking the ones you don't like raw and adding something in the cooking method like marinade or grilling. Personally I really like spray butter and a bit of salt and pepper, but it all depends on the veg. And veggies that you hate cooked, you might try raw with a dip made from Greek yogurt.

Dinner is a family affair around here, so I just make all the old favorites, but lighter. I figure if it's good for me, it's good for everybody. Some of the lightest recipes are chili (with ground beef or turkey), Mexican (I skip the shells and make a salad for me), Italian (I skip the pasta and use spaghetti squash), salad, stir fry, lean cuts of meat with a salad and a veg, etc etc. We only have potatoes, corn and peas at dinner 1-2x week, I find that more often than that causes me to stall out.

For exercise the best way to get yourself motivated is to keep trying different kinds until you find one or two that you love. I happen to love walking outside. The treadmill for me is so boring that I just can't face it. I also love to dance, and since nobody is going to pay to watch me dance, I pay to take lessons. I also do quite a bit of weight lifting, not so much because I love it, but because I'm really competitive (especially with myself) and I would like to see just how far I can push it before I can't lift any more. If that makes any sense. Other workouts I enjoy are bike riding, swimming, rollerblading, horseback riding and gardening. The other thing that's true about me is that I get bored with a workout easily, so I like to change it up all the time. My local library has a fairly decent collection of workout DVD's.

One thing I do is to get up early and get that workout over with before my brain is fully awake. The night before I have to set out my workout clothes because if I don't it's really easy to talk myself out of it. So then when that alarm clock goes off I stumble out of bed, throw on my stuff and bring on a sweat before my brain really knows what's going on. Others on here swear by the evening workout, it's all about what works for you.
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