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What is slow burn weightlifting?

I've been on every diet known to man and have even had weight-loss surgery. The diet I have had the most success with is the diabetic diet. I am not diabetic, but the balance of keeping sugar low, yet having carbs, low-fat and heart healthy proteins has worked beyond what other diets have done. Hopefully, this will be the one that does the trick and will provide the healthy eating lifestyle I need to win the war and not regain the loss.

I eat between 1300-1500 per day. Once upon a time, like you I looked at what fitday says I should be eating to lose. However, it's too much for me in the long term. If I eat closer to the amount that I'm supposed to have once I'm closer to my ideal weight, the loss of food won't happen. It was cold turkey for me, and I'm doing really well.

I work out 3-6 times a week on a treadmill at an incline and weight machines. I also like Sharon Mann who is on fit tv. She has a variety of workouts. I like her boxing and Pilates.

I'm not saying your choice of diets won't work. Just be open and don't get discouraged if it is hard to stay with or the weightloss comes to a stand still. These are common things on every single diet. I'm not even sure we need to just stay on one diet. Whatever keeps us losing is good. I'm just trying to find my way to permanent eating habits.

Good luck. Hang in there, and keep it up!
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