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Default For Me Extreme Low Carb = Hair Loss & Digestive Problems

I'm new to FitDay but was doing Atkins for a looong time. At first, the results were incredible. I did it strictly, sticking to 20 carbs/day for quite a few months. I lost almost 50 lbs.

Then eating low carb just became my lifestyle--really low carb--staying in Induction forever. This is when I started experiencing hair loss, dry hair, constipation, and dry skin. I stayed in the Induction phase because, even though I run 2 miles/day 4-5 times a week and go to the gym, if I increased my carb intake even just a little I would plateau big time. It gets frustrating when you are deprived of fun foods, you cook and bring your own veggie/protein lunch to work, are exercising, drinking water, and still going up and down the scale with the same 2/3 pounds, repeatedly. Finally, I took a little vacation from eating low carb, allowed some fatty junk like ice cream and chips into my diet, and (surprise) I put back almost 15 lbs of the 45 that I worked so hard to lose.

This time, I've decided to stop obsessing over the numbers. I even stopped weighing myself. I only weigh once a month, now, and use the fit of my clothes as my guide. I just cook/eat more well-rounded, allow some simple carbs into my diet for relief/fun, eat zero sweets except for coffee, have eliminated the "diet" candy and snack bars which are so expensive... and I am making nice progress! TBH, I don't use FD's food log to track calories/nutrition daily, either. But that's just what works for me; I understand that we all have different methods... whatever works! The FD food/fitness log is without a doubt a fantastic tool. In my new way of living, I have accepted that I will reach goal weigh more slowly. That's okay, so what. At least my hair is back, my skin looks healthy, I am pretty regular, and feel happier.

Well, I hope this helps. Whatever you decide works best for you, I wish you Good Luck!! Don't let it become torture... make it fun!
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