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I have some questions/ concerns: (this is just my thoughts & opinions, so don't take offense, maybe it'll add to the challenge aspect of it)

How did you come up with a 70/20/10 ratio? That seems VERY extreme in my opinion. I don't see how you'd have enough energy to "I will exercise with high intensity once or twice per day, depending on my body's response and conditions". I think the latter half of that statement will take over at those ratios. Depending on how long and how intense you plan on training, you could easilly be over training, which is counter productive. Your body needs carbs for energy and fat to burn fat, I think you are too low on BOTH of those. You will likely burn out.

I think that expecting to eat perfectly and workout perfectly EVERY day for 3 months is setting yourself up for failure. We all need a break (mentally and physically), what happens if you get sick, injured, just need a day to recover, or need a "cheat day" to kickstart your motabolism?

If you are so gung-ho and making it so hardcore... why wait another 5 weeks? Why not start now? It's going to take a lot of discipline and tweeking to make this work.

Like I said this is all my opinion. But I am speaking from experience (albeit my experience and everyone is different), but I too thought similar to you but realized that it wasn't the best course. I will say that I did a pretty drastic change, stuck out the entire 90 days (only took off because of an injury) and began another 90 days, which I'm almost finished.

What kind of supplements will you be taking?

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