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You know what they say about a bad diet don't you? You can't outrun it. I certainly enjoy the occasional "cheat day" piece (or two) of pizza, but there is no way I could eat it several times/week and still lose weight. Agreed there are ways of making it less fattening, but a thin crust made with white flour and sugar is still heavy on the carb side and pepperoni is loaded with fat, if you can cut the cheese out completely that's a big drop in calories actually. The veggies might be fine, but if you're counting olives, artichokes and canned pineapple as "good veggies", you're quite mistaken. In your shoes I would pack myself a bag of fresh cut veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower) and snack on them from time to time, and maybe a couple of pieces of fruit apples oranges, berries etc etc, you might also get yourself a cooler bag and toss in some yogurt or a salad, and maybe some cheese sticks or some Laughing Cow cheese wedges. For a while the smell of the cooking pizza is going to make you a drooling mess, but once you see how much easier the pounds melt off without the pizza you'll realize it's for the best. Good luck, I'm glad I don't have this same issue. I also agree that 45 minutes probably isn't enough of a workout. As Bob Harper says you need to bring yourself to a full body sweat 5 or 6 times/week for fat burning.
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