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On March 29th, 2010, I am beginning a self-designed "90-day challenge". This will entail eating perfectly and exercising perfectly for 90 days. I will eat exactly the right things at exactly the right times. My highly intensive exercise plan will follow suit. It will be based on high-intensity muscle and cardiovascular/pulmonary training. The only goal is to follow the plan every second, of every day, for 3 months.

I will monitor my experiences through this website. This is an experimental exercise in self-control, behavior modification, physical development, mental commitment, and happiness/subjective well-being. Dependent variables and results will be measured by general physical appearance, satisfaction with physical appearance, and emotional response.

My only goal is to eat perfectly and exercise perfectly for 90 days. The concept of perfect is highly subjective and will be defined by my belief in what comprises "perfection" for my body.

Nutrition: I will eat 6 small meals per day of approximately 400 calories comprised of 70% healthy proteins, 20% carbohydrates from healthy sources, and 10% from healthy fats. I will exercise with high intensity once or twice per day, depending on my body's response and conditions. I will never eat anything out of desire, not once, not even a morsel or drop (this will obviously be the most difficult part). I do not have a goal of losing weight, so caloric restriction is not an issue, but excess calories will not be consumed either. If I gain weight (hypothesized), it will be from lean muscle addition, and fat reduction.

Exercise: I will not follow a strict / structured exercise plan. However, some could consider it the strictest exercise plan around because I will exercise at a very high intensity level as long as I believe my body and mind are benefiting. This will revolve around weight/resistance training and sprinting. I will go to the gym every single day, at least once, and supplement the gym workout at home. I will only quit for the exercise period, or day, when I believe my body is no longer benefiting.

I will continue my "regular" lifestyle until March 29th. This includes running/jogging 3 times per week at moderate intensity and very infrequent mild muscle training. This also includes a nutritional profile only slightly better than the "typical" american.

Our wedding is July 1st, 2010 in Las Vegas. My challenge period will end 3 days before the wedding. I hope to feel and look as great as my bride! She is "kind of" joining me for the 90-day challenge. My mother has also "kind of" agreed to partake in my whacky experiment. Although my challenge is based solely on 100% dedication, and 99% dedication equals failure, I still appreciate and look forward to their own personal challenges and healthy behaviors.

I invite anyone, and everyone, to join me on this crazy ride!
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