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Oh my gawd... no. I haven't recovered from yesterday when someone got deluisional.

I did two workouts. [45 mins and 45 mins one was HIIT for 25 plus weight circuit above 80%. The second was above 80%HR also but no HIIT] I would have been fine except there was a 25 year old Marine at the second and I kept time with his workout. We were lifting about the same pounds. I am not sore but I am totally exhausted. Went to sleep at 9 pm. woke up at 3 am and realized I was starved. Ate some protein and carbs and then at 4:30 climbed back in bed til noon and now I'm thinking about climbing back into bed at 8 pm. I'm 52 NOT 25. I think I got confused. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and if not by Monday.

Sleep be a wonderful thing. Now move aside.. Granny is trundling off to bed.
I am NOT a 25 year old Marine... I am not a 25 year old Marine... I am not....
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