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Well i cannot bring my lunch as i do not have sit down breaks... i basically take a few bites and go back to work, then come back for a few stays good in a box for a couple hours and still tastes fine. where as anything else i eat will be cold and taste like crap. When i was on weight watchers before they also said pizza is actually not the worst thing for it is baked in an oven...and i make it extra thin crust and packed with veggies and use minimal cheese. as long as i am watching my calorie intake and my nutrition lables and work out every day, a slice of pizza at work i dont think is terrible.I am not going to change my diet into only eating totally healthy because that will simply make me want to give up. Pizza sometimes at work is my treat. when all u smell and see is pizza, i need to eat it or i find myself snacking on the cookies and candies in the store, at least with the pizza i can attempt to make it less bad for me by thin crust veggies and minimal cheese. I work out 45 minutes a day...I eat good the rest of the day only drink water now or 10 calorie crystal light... but other then that anyone have any fun excersise ideas or know good food or herbals i could use to make my metabolism faster?
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