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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
FitDay Jim hasn't posted in over two months. There has been no activity from moderators at all in quite some time.

You may want to send something via email through the "Contact FitDay" link at the bottom of the page, as it is apparent that they are not active on the discussion boards.
Unfortunately I have sent multiple requests to Admin (so have the two other ACTIVE moderators) and we can’t seem to get a straight answer. We were being told that the changes are coming, but now we can’t even get a reply from Admin. I’m beginning to believe that since “Los Tres Amigos” can’t do much other than rid the board of spammers that this place really is running on auto pilot as others have mentioned.

Internet Brands and Admin seems to have dropped the ball, once again. Maybe FitDay isn’t a big concern for them, which is a shame. Maybe, just maybe if they took the time to read some of the threads and meet some of the people here they’d realize how many lives this site has changed. Maybe that would light a fire under someone’s ass and they’d get busy making the changes that are needed to keep FitDay competitive with the other sites that are out there.

I almost feel bad for airing this out here but I originally brought this up in private and got NO response, other than from the other two moderators. Maybe changes are coming, I don’t know. If they are it is coming at a snail’s pace. I can’t continue to make excuses for someone else that lacks the ambition to see this site prosper. I owe IB or Admin NOTHING. I am a volunteer and a damn good one, and so are mecompco and vabeachgirlNYC. I will continue to moderate (I guess be a “spaminator”) for the members of FitDay, b/c that’s all I can do. I truly hope that we don’t start to lose our active members, not because it has any affect on my wallet (b/c it doesn’t) but b/c I consider this community to be a family.
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