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Originally Posted by DeathArrow View Post
Hi. I would like to know you guys' advice on this. Well, recently I have come down with the flu. Today is the start of my 6th week on Couch to 5K. Yesterday, was a "rest" day for me. But since I am not feeling well...should I still go running or would that be more damage than good? I am just afraid that I will get out of shape or something and have to go backwards. Obviously, you don't get over the flu in just one takes a couple days and I do not want to go without running for that long.
Also, if it makes any difference, I am in highschool. I don't know if it does, lol.

Hi DeathArrow ,

Do you really flu flu, or is it a little flu colds ect. Then you, it is good to if you have a small flu every day at least just to go outside. I would recommend it to order instead. too hard to walk and run you less efforts in other activities, take extra vitamin pills bijvoorbeeld so helping your body recover. Span your not too much because your body has also power to recover but remain small things you can do .
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