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Originally Posted by tskamanian View Post
Many give up in the first week because it is rough at first. You are going through sugar/starch withdrawal and detoxing (symptoms are headaches, lightheadedness - totally normal for the start week of the protocol but all disappear by about the 5th or 6th day). Most are hungry that first few days too if they don't load properly. But if they stick with it, it gets much, much easier and the pounds seem to melt off, especially for men.

I just finished a 40 injection round over a week ago and now am in a 3 week maintenance phase. I lost 40 pounds and am stabilizing beautifully. I am eating around 1600-2000 calories per day at this point and have remained in my 2 pound window.

Make sure your friend sticks to the original "Pounds & Inches" protocol by Dr. Simeons. Many doctors try to alter the original protocol and it really is a disservice to the patient because they dont lose as well and many do not stabilize properly afterward, and hence, gain the weight back. If he follows protocol to the "T", the success rate is amazing.
Originally Posted by tskamanian View Post
Oh forgot to mention... Tell him to be careful with the exercise program if he was not an exerciser beforehand. You are not advised to start an exercise routine during this protocol other than casual walking because it will cause all kinds of issues (stalling, water retension, low energy, etc).
Thank you for the insight. He has severe hip/knee issues (I believe both have been replaced at least once) so I don't think he'll be doing any intense exercising. I'll post up about his success.

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