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Kimmy ~ YES i totally see what you are saying. do something to take my focus off myself...i got ya & makes TOTAL sense. as far as belly dancing goes i've never done it before, but have always wanted to. there are classes in my town, BUT for some reason the teacher who i was told to contact isn't returning my calls. mind you i only tried i will phone again this morning. i could start with tapes, but i need to get out & around more ppl that's why i want to do the class.

Quinn ~ you are so right about the lack of sun light. normally even if really cold here the sun is usually shining, BUT this winter we have had foggy & cloudy days than normal ~sigh~ which your right does affect my mood. that's why i walk outside every day even on overcast days i'm still getting some vit D (that's the stuff i need)
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