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One snack that I "discovered" recently is 1 oz salted peanuts mixed with 1/2 oz of raisins or craisins. It is both salty and sweet so it gets both of those cravings and the fat in the peanuts curbs any hunger. Be sure to measure it out though because it is easy to eat too much.

I also like instant pudding made with skim milk.

There are a lot of light ice creams and sorbets. I put them in small bowls, mugs or teacups to keep from eating too much.

What are you doing in the evening when you eat? Are you watching TV? Maybe you could take up a hobby that would keep your hands occupied and not let you eat like knitting, weaving, jewelry making, or any other type of craft.

Sometimes doing a little exercise also gets rid of the snacky feeling. Maybe just some yoga or stretching.
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