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hello fellow veganists i have got a recipe to share. I was inspired by a book called Why the Chinese Don't Count Calories. One of the rules was to eat soup, so here's a soup inspired by China.

you need:
green chilli, ginger, carrot, potatoe, sweetcorn, egg, noodles, salt, pepper, toasted sesame oil or olive oil, spring onion or coriander

Take 1 litre of water (36oz), 1 green chilli (don't chop) and a piece of ginger (matchstick pieces), boil the water with that for about 5 min. Then take vegetables (I used carrot and small potatoe, but other good egetables are celery, parsnip, sweetcorn, cabbage, whatever you like) chop the carrot and potatoe in matchstick pieces and add to the water. Just bring to boil and turn off, let it soften in the water. Add sweetcorn if using, and some 50g/2oz (dry weight) chow mien noodles, or any other noodles that you like. Beat the egg (can be 2 eggs) in a cup and pour it in the soup, when the egg is cooked, add some salt, pepper, spring onion or coriander. The soup is very light in flavour and vegetables should still retain a bit of a bite.

Yeah i know, egg is not vegan, you can omit it if you like, but it is tastier with it. Enjoy on Mondays after an indulging weekend, or anytime when you just fancy something light.
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