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Weight watchers is a system.
This is a system.
The end result of all diets is to reduce the calories you take in to less than you burn which equals weight loss.

If you feel you need to learn about foods and nutrition to maintain [and you prob do] nothing is stopping you from learning if you are in weight watchers. You might even make better choices within the program instead of wholesale "Gee it is X points so I can have" vs "I have X points these are in that range, which is healthiest for my goals?"

The choice is actually what suits you best. WW worked for my nephew when he followed it. When he stopped he gained. I know others who haven't. It suits them. In my case it was too much fuss. Points are fussy. I do better with facts. One McDouble is 390 calories with 22 grams protein, 19 grams fat and 65 mg cholesterol OR I can have one Bodyfortress Protein shot [ a drink] with 110 calories, 26 grams of protein and NO cholesterol and fat... Guess which one I'll pick. More bang for the buck in the nutrition with the shot.
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