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My rule about giving gifts is to give people what they like and want, not what I (the giver) may like and want.

To give chocolate to a person who is trying to avoid it or is pregnant or diabetic isn't necessarily deliberately hurtful, it's just not thinking about the recipient.

Next time DH gives you a big box of chocolates, bring it to the office or open it up for guests. Easter will be a challenge but if he is buying it for himself and your child, you must try to resist. Have something on hand that you like: a treat that you feel OK about eating.

When your birthday or the holidays roll around, hand DH a list of reasonably priced easily acquired things you would like, whatever they are: books, candles, workout tapes, whatever.

And know that many of us are in the same boat. My teenage daughter is at least 30 pounds overweight and has always had problems with her weight. Over the years, I have asked a dear friend not to give her chocolate or candy as gifts. "Oh but it's the holidays, her birthday, etc." It's always something. If I can intercept it, I give it away or else I toss it (without the friend's or DD's knowledge.) My daughter's health and well being are more important to me than being courteous to someone who ignores my expressed wishes, even though I know she loves my daugher and means her no harm. What do they say? The path to hell is paved with good intentions. If DH still gives you chocolate, give it away or throw it away outside the house and tell him you put it to good use but hey for next time there's a belt you like that would look much better on your hips.

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