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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post

PS I assume you set your "stride" correctly in the pedometer? That can make a hugh difference in the distance it calculates.
I missed this part before! Yes the stride was set properly. The pedometer (supposedly) is supposed to accurately convert the steps into miles plus show the cals burned when you had it on timed walk or run.

As far as map my run, love it! I have mapped quite a few of my runs, blading and biking routes over the past few years.

I activated the GPS on my galaxy and tried it out with some of the apps. It is so real time and location accurate it kind of creeps me out. I actually walked around a building and it showed exactly where I was the whole time!

As far as tracking all of my runs with it I am having the same issue I had with MMR and trying to google it. I get a message or error code that says "location can not be accessed, can not understand location or location unknown" which is why I got the pedometer.

I think I will just use my slowest pace mile to calculate it.
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