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Originally Posted by Eliochacon View Post
Hi 01gt4. that is a fair question. I have more time than she does. I mostly came on this site to access the food tracker and I saw the forums were here too.
okay, if she had a drinking problem would you go to AA on her behalf, b/c she didn't have enough time? To me it sounds like if she can't find the time to take care of herself then she doesn't want to lose the weight as much as you want her to lose the weight. Lap ban & gastric bypass should be a very last alternative. She should exhaust every effort before that's even considered and if she has you on here for her then she's not putting forth the effort.

Having a good support group is a big factor in anyone's success, I just hope that she wants it more than anyone else. There's a reason why the insurance company whats her to prove that SHE can make the change, they don't want to waste the money on her like they have on so many other people, and I can't blame them. This is a lifestyle change and the insurance company wants to see that she"s willing to make that change.

Good luck to her and when she finds the time to take care of herself, we'll still be here to support her.

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