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Default Exercise is my lifeline

I lose weight when I exercise. It's just that simple for me. With varying climate changes where I live, I go to my local YMCA and get on the treadmill, set it for a low incline and walk thirty to sixty minutes. I do weight-lifting on the machines and walk my active boxer in the neighborhood.

Knowing I'm doing this for more than just weightloss makes me more motivated to get there and do it. I thought I had a knee that was probably going to need replaced. It was that painful everyday. The knee problem is gone from walking and getting strong.

At home, recorded on my dvr I have many different types of exercise shows by Sharon Mann. She is awesome and her routines can be brought down to my level. Cardio, boxing, kick-boxing, strength training, Pilates...she does it all. I bought the tension bands and just do this along with her on Saturday and Sunday the days I cannot get to the Y due to hours open.

I'm off nine medications and I'm losing weight. I want to be naturally thin, able to lie around the couch and eat candy and fritos without gaining an inch. Since that dream won't ever happen, it's off to the gym for me.

There is joy in this. I played basketball with my twelve year old son last night. We just shot around and played. My physical shape did not hold me back from running without thinking about it, and I did not tire out. In January this would not have been possible.
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