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Default Choosing Level of Activity

I'm having a hard time deciding on my level of activity. I chose 'seated with some movement' as my activity level for a while, but now I'm wondering if I should have just chose 'seated all day'.

Usually I'm on my computer most of the day, but I do get up to go prepare food, do light cleaning(dishes, make bed etc) bathroom trips, and my usual daily trip to the market which is about a 15 minute walk round trip. These activities I usually don't log when I have seated with no movement, unless they take me 30 minutes or more, though I do log my walk to the market. My question is: I'm seated at my computer an average of 8-12 hours a day with maybe 2 hours of activity. So, should I choose seated all day, and record any activity or should I choose seated with some movement and not record activity unless it exceeds 30 minutes?

I'm basing my caloric intake off of how many calories I burn a day, and I noticed if I'm 'seated all day' my calories burned drops to about 1800, where as if I'm 'seated with some movement' it increases to about 2200 average a day. So because I thought it was 2200 average a day I'm allowing myself to eat 1500 calories, rather than sticking closer to 1200....but if I'm actually only burning 1800 a day average yet eating 1500, you see the problem..there's not much of a deficit between eaten and burned for the week..only 300 calories a day deficit..which makes 2100 a week which doesn't even equal a pound.

Any advice would be very helpful. I do record sleep every day too...

Thank You!!!
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