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Oooh, good on you and the coffee cake situation. And yeah, I've actually discovered that I like the taste of coffee that hasn't been dredged through a sugarcane farm. One teaspoon for me now, but I don't drink much coffee, anyway.

Ha, yeah, I'm having the same laundry issues. There is a pile of clothes in the laundry aching for a wash, my formal lounge suite is piled high with clean clothes and my washing line is full (it's raining, so not likely to be emptied soon!). I am simply choosing not to look at the clean clothes. Maybe the House Fairies will take pity on me.

Okay, so I lost 800g this week, which is 1.7lbs, so I lost my transferred gain (hehe) and just a tiny bit more.

How did you go? And did you manage to settle back into your routine today?
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