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Smile Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone!

I am kinda new here. I say "kinda" because I have used FitDay in the past to lose 70 pouns, then along with the stresses of life and a couple surgeries I got away from my healthier lifestyle choices and regressed back to what I know best, and what I find comforting. However, when I used FitDay in the past there were no forums. So this part is new for sure.

I really want to lose the 20 pounds I gained back, plus about 50 more! I cannot do this on my own. I need help, and support. I am excited to say that yesterday I went on, an albeit short, bike ride, and tonight I went to an Aquacize class. I have a couple friends in the class so I know I will go back. I am just so scared that this time it won't work.

My Fibromyalgia is flared up, and this makes things difficult. I noticed a thread regarding Hypothyroidism. I, too, suffer from an very underactive thyroid. The normal range is 0.38-5.5 and mine is currently 91.3!~ And evidently my cholesterol is high as well. {Does anyone know anything about lowering cholesterol? Mine has never been high before}

Anyway, I just really wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little about my journey.

I hope that everyone had a lovely day!!

Better Days~

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