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I have 2 more workouts left in the 9 week program (hard) on the EA Active II. And I went right to that after I finished the cardio kick start. I'm sort of thinking about doing cardio kick start again only up a notch from the first time through, while I work out my own set of workouts. I've written a couple, but I would like to have a total of 20 so they don't get old right away. I'm afraid of the same thing, boredom/slacking/picking the easy workouts. However I think I might set my goals for workouts on MWF and then make a paper calendar of which workouts I'll do on T-Th-S and see if I can stick to it for 30 days or some such. My biggest problem in getting motivated or having a plan is that I start my workout at 5:00am, I'm not awake and I don't want to be bothered with having to think. I just want to throw on my clothes and get to it. So I think that by having a paper calendar with a plan on it that I wrote while awake, with some definite direction will help me. If that doesn't work I'm buying P90X. I'm also thinking about going on-line with the EA Active II and seeing if there is a local workout group with challenges or something. I know that there are people that have in this town, because some of my friends bought it after I recommended it. And if there isn't a workout group, maybe I'll form one and then nag everybody to join me.

BTW I don't mind mountain climbers, but please God save me from ever having to do another "Split Squats with High Knees" or "Split Squats with Jumps". Good grief those are so painful for me it's not even funny.

Sorry for high jacking too. But the OP did ask for help on getting back to exercising. EA Active II would be a good start, especially for someone that has been in good shape and needs to get back to it.
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