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No worries, scaried! Good luck on your journey!

Jessica, I missed this new post from you! I have been looking each day to see if you'd returned, so sorry for the late reply.

So happy you had a great time, and well done to you on losing another couple of pounds. Sad, though, that you didn't feel the greatest. And wooo! for the increased stamina.

Hmmm . . . the case of the invisible stairs, hey? Maybe they were hiding in a cupboard, or they were the sneaky Harry Potter kind that change at random intervals . . .

Well, it's weigh in tomorrow. I didn't report here last week as I knew you were away, but I gained 700g, which is just under 2 lbs, so thanks very much for transferring your loss to me. Nevertheless, I am still pleased with how everything is going and the size difference.

How did you fare over the weekend?
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