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Originally Posted by HankG View Post
I agree I don't think you'd gain one pound in one day. You are talking biological systems here. They have to become acclimated to processing things at varying rates. I think that a system used to processing 1800-2000 calories a day would become overwhelmed far before 6000 calories a day. How much overwhelmed? You can tell by how much waste comes out the other end really. It will process far more than the average 2000 though. Using myself as a guinnea pig, you can see my calories can fluctuate radically, but my system processes on the order of 2700 calories a day. Tracking over long periods of time, if I have a 5000 calorie day, most of that gets processed. I say that because doing the total accumulated net calorie gain or deficit over that period tracks very well with my change in weight and percent body fat. You could probably count on at least doubling your total calorie intake before you'd have to worry about lack of absorption from that much overeating.
The human body is complex, I don't think it follows any arithmetic logic when processing food, I have fasted one time more than 33 hours or so, with nothing but water, and yet my body weight didn't show any changes after a week, fasting 33hours should be like an earthquake in my body memory, but there was no one single trace of that earthquake on my body weight data.
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