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Originally Posted by camilleca View Post
Yeah, I couldn't do that either. I'm not good at following a rigid schedule.

I think the main problem for me is getting good foods into my diet, like fruits and veggies. It's not that I don't like fruits/veggies, it's just that I rather eat other things (like sweets and too much meat). Fast food cravings is also a problem for me. I've noticed that WW doesn't really have the nutritional feedback unlike FitDay. One day, I ate a sub from Quiznos, and even though it cost me a lot of points, I was still all right because of my weekly extra points. Idk, it just seems that Fit Day holds me more accountable than WW, and also it's free. Plus, it's easier to count calories than it is to count points.

I think I'll try both for a while and then see if I should quit WW.

Thank you all for your replies.
I think in terms of calorie, we should be rigid enough in order to make some progress.
I do not crave fast food or sweeties, my big flaw was that I like beer binging during weekends.
If you find yourself craving too much for carbs, then I think you should avoid high GI foods as well as caffeinated beverages and alcohol, because those 3 substances can trigger pikes of insulin hormones which starts fat storing and gives you a huge appetite towards carbs.
Fast fast and Junk food have to be banned from your list, as they contain hi GI foods.
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