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Smile HELLO EVERYBODY I AM NEW!!!! why am I shouting?!

Hi everyone,

My name is Tilly and I am new to this site; I just signed up today.
I am quite a big girl - currently have an obese BMI and weigh 18 stones exactly (252 pounds). I am also very tall, so my ideal weight is somewhere around 13 stones.
I have 5 stones to lose and I am determined to reach my goal by Christmas day 2011. I have already lost a stone since I began to eat healthily and stop drinking fizzy drinks/alcohol. I feel so much better for it and I am not looking at this as a 'diet' - this is a total life change for me.
I am currently consuming around 1500 calories per day but aside from walking to work I haven't started exercising yet.
I am very nervous about exercising because I feel awful jiggling about all red and sweaty at the size I am now! I used to be very slim and went swimming/played basketball, but I gave those activities up years ago. I am VERY unfit now but I LOVE exercise....just hate the way I look.
If anyone has any advice to offer to help me get going and get fit I would really appreciate it!
Tilly x
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